How Today’s Youth is Unleashing Creativity and Confidence with the Breakin Dance Culture.

I grew up in the Boogie-Down Bronx in the 1980s. Every day my friends and I would be in the corner...

The Pitfalls and Dangers Of Breakin

Breakdancing, today known as “Breakin” is a dynamic and captivating urban dance art form that has...

Unveiling the Legacy of “Speedy Legs” Breakin Dance Master

In the magical world of dance, there are a handful of names that command as much respect and...

Colors and Graffiti Art: The Vibrant Pulse of the Breakdance Culture

As a former breakdancer from the colorful streets of Miami, FL, I understand that dance isn't just...

Tracing the Evolution of Breakin with Busta Rhymes and Dance Icons

From the humble backyards of the Bronx to the grandest global stages like Red Bull BC One, the...

Breakdancing Fashion of the Early 1980s vs. Today

All you have to do is look at a picture or video from an era gone by, and you can easily know what...

Celebrating 10 Years of Turn Up Dance Battle on Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary

Amidst the vibrant rhythm of celebration and the cheers of victory, a new milestone recently...

Breakdancing From the 1980s to the Olympics and Beyond.

Starting Out: With infectious and thumping drum beats and a pop-and-lock choreography breakdancing...

Famous artist Arif Chaudhary Breakdance in the Olympics 2024

File image of Arif Chaudhary(Getty Images In the dynamic world of pop culture and breakdancing,...

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